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Dropbox for the Mobile Lawyer

The case management software I use in my law firm is, without a doubt, great. Although we are capable of logging into our server remotely, there are times when our attempts to log in are not successful. I use Dropbox to read documents on my phone, to work from home, and more generally to keep important and/or sensitive documents safe. ...

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Putting Your iPad to Work at ABA TECHSHOW 2013

When tablets like Apple’s iPad first hit the market, they were widely perceived as “toys” — devices for playing games, watching movies, or reading books. But as they’ve exploded in popularity, professionals of all types have begun relying on them as day-to-day productivity tools. Lawyers are no exception. Attend a legal conference or hang out at the courthouse and you’ll ...

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Keeping Your Mobile Devices Charged

Recent storms have left many people without power for extended periods of time and reminded us how much our technology lives, especially our mobile technology lives, depend on having electricity for our mobile devices. Several years ago, our house was without power for six days and I started to feel like an electricity vampire, carrying around an extension cord and ...

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Coming Soon: “Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers”

In February 2013, LPM will proudly publish Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers. Order your copy today with a 15% pre-publication discount! Lawyers are already using Android devices to make phone calls, check e-mail, and send text messages. After the addition of several key apps, Android smartphones or tablets can also help run a law practice. From the more than ...

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