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The Four Pillars of Smart Practice Management

Everything seems to be moving at a faster pace these days; business, commerce, and the practice of law are ALL getting faster. A lot faster. The average lawyer must be much more efficient in order to match this pace. This requires avoiding getting bogged down with administrative duties in order to switch the focus to more essential tasks. Join us on …

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Preparing a Private Cloud Strategy: Free Webinar

private cloud

The pros, cons, and ethical concerns of cloud computing have been discussed repeatedly in the legal profession. For many firms, the pros outweigh the cons, and the choice to migrate to the cloud has been made. This decision, however, creates new questions and additional options. For example: which cloud type is the best fit—public, private, or hybrid? Recently, there has been a shift away …

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Making A Case for the Cloud (Webinar)

Many lawyers and firms have gone back and forth about joining the cloud. There is a lot at stake when moving data to a digital platform, and no lawyer would make a decision without having all the facts. With all the information and rumors out there, how can you go about successfully creating a cloud strategy for your firm? Join us on …

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Why Rebooting Works So Well

Have you already rebooted your computer today? A quick thought experiment: if you had a dollar for every time you’ve had to reboot a computer, how wealthy would you be? Rebooting is a fact of life, especially in the world of Windows (although it’s not only a Windows issue). It’s often not a big issue, and it’s definitely something that …

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A Lawyers Toolbox – What Do You Need to Get the Job Done?

Once you have been practicing law for a while, it can become easy to get into a specific routine and rely on that for years to come. However, it is important to consider new tools you could incorporate into your habits to boost productivity. In this 30 minute presentation sponsored by Amicus Attorney, discover valuable tools you can begin using to become …

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