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Think Strategically About Your Resolutions

Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is a time for your firm to resolve to make some changes and stick with them throughout this year – unlike that gym membership. Consider the following five firm resolutions for the New Year: Change your passwords: Recent data security compromises at stores like Target and other security breaches involving simple passwords …

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ABA TECHREPORT 2013: Budgeting and Planning for Technology

The American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center has launched the ABA TECHREPORT 2013. This comprehensive publication is a compilation of 10 articles analyzing lawyers’ use of the latest technology. Each of the 10 articles is written by a legal technology expert using relevant data from the 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report. Some of the topics covered include mobile, cloud computing, hardware, social …

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Is the Cloud Right for My Firm?

I am asked this question all the time. From solos to firms with 15 or 20 attorneys, the question arises – Is the cloud right for my firm? The answer is sometimes; it really depends on the firm. Cloud computing has leveled the playing field and allowed smaller law firms to compete with larger firms by using technology hosted in …

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When Technologists Nudge


After endless hours of analysis and planning, we thought we had created an extremely fine piece of technology for the lawyers of the firm. And then we launched the application, only to discover that the lawyers didn’t agree with our assessment of the tool. It was, to put it mildly, disappointing. This experience is not unique to our team, and …

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Getting Started with Security

If you read my last post here on Law Technology Today, you know that I caution against an antivirus-only security strategy to combat today’s growing information risks.  But for many lawyers, the biggest challenge is not knowing whether they should do more, but rather what they should do to protect themselves and their practice from modern cyber threats.  The myriad of …

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The Most Powerful (and Cheapest) Risk Management Tool

Funding for security initiatives can be difficult to come by, especially since most lawyers have gotten by for years with minimal investment in this area.  Many still rely on little more than antivirus software and a back-up hard drive.  Naturally, lawyers often ask what they can do to minimize their information security exposure and reasonably manage their risk without large …

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