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Them’s The (Email) Rules!

A couple of weeks ago our offices installed a brand-spanking new VoIP phone system.  I’ve been geeking out for the last little while, figuring out all the cool things we can do with the new system that we couldn’t do with the old one.  I love that I can log out of the phone at our desk, drive over to …

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Yes I AM Ignoring You

We’ve all been there before – probably more times than we care to think about:  That annoying email lands in our mailbox – an email that we just know is going to result in an entire useless, time-sucking stream of ‘replies to all’, requiring us to delete, delete, and delete some more.  For me, these emails usually go like this: …

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Quick Tip: Outlook Conversation View

When Google’s Gmail launched in 2004, one of its more notable features was its use of conversational sorting.  That is, Gmail grouped emails–including your own responses–into conversational threads.  With one click, you could view an entire exchange of e-mails that spanned days or weeks. Though few realize it, a similar feature has been available in Microsoft Outlook for years.  The …

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