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How to Mobilize Your Legal Calendar

woman holding cell phone with calendar on desk

Managing your calendar is a critical aspect of practicing law. Schedules can be complex and deadlines matter. You want your calendar in your pocket (or on your wrist), but consumer calendars don’t have the tools attorneys need. Can you have it all? Can you automate legal scheduling, and still see it on your phone? Join us on Wednesday, July 22nd for …

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Dropbox for the Mobile Lawyer

The case management software I use in my law firm is, without a doubt, great. Although we are capable of logging into our server remotely, there are times when our attempts to log in are not successful. I use Dropbox to read documents on my phone, to work from home, and more generally to keep important and/or sensitive documents safe. …

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Practical Encryption: Files on the Go

Scenario: You’re headed out of the office for a series of meetings and you want to bring some electronic documents with you –open files you’re working on, a draft of a presentation, etc. – but you don’t want to carry around your full laptop. Typical Solution: Grab one of the thumb drives from the pile you probably have in your …

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Summer Vacation Technology

Summer and vacation seasons are approaching. Some prefer to completely disconnect on vacation, while others like to stay connected. Work aside, those who choose to stay connected can use technology to make their trips more manageable and stress free with travel apps, adapters, and travel-friendly cameras. In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss the intersection of technology and vacation, …

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