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Apple Security: Invisible and Practical Approaches

For many years, one of the big reasons that lawyers (and others) switched to Apple computers from Windows computers was security. The Windows world was (and is) one of frequent security updates, viruses and malware, firewall settings and software to manage all of the aspects of security. Security issues and concerns seem to be a regular occurrence and a necessary …

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Can PDFs Be Dangerous?

After Word documents, PDFs may be the most commonly exchanged file types for lawyers.  We use PDFs for letters, contracts, briefs, forms and bills.  But can those PDFs we download or receive so often harbor hidden dangers? The short answer is yes, as How-To Geek explores in a recent HTG Explains article: Why Does Chrome Say PDF Files Can Harm Your …

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This Week in Tech – July 6th

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of July 6th: An interesting chart shows that the ratio of PCs-to-Macs sold has dropped significantly over the last eight years. Look for a critical Internet Explorer 9 patch sometime next week. Cisco ran into some controversy regarding features added to their higher-end Linksys routers. At …

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