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LTRC Roundtable Discussion: ChatGPT

Our Panelists: Alexander Paykin (AP), Allison Johs* (AJ), Chris Fortier  (CF), Debra Bruce  (DB), Joann L. Hathaway (JH), Lance Johnson (LJ), Reid Trautz  (RT), Sharon Nelson (SN) *Allison used ChatGPT to answer the roundtable questions in addition to her own answers.  1. You can’t turn around without hearing about ChatGPT and Open.ai these days. Have you tried ChatGPT or other …

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LTRC Roundtable Discussion: TECHSHOW

Our Panelists: Lance Johnson (LJ), Jim Calloway (JC), John Simek (JS)), Brett Burney (BB), Darla Jackson (DJ), Emily Amara Gordon (EAG), Julie Bays  (JB), Reid Trautz  (RT), Joann L. Hathaway (JLH), Allison Johs (AJ)  1. What are you most looking forward to about TECHSHOW 2023? LJ: Being able to go. JC: Automation is becoming critical for lawyers, so I’ll be attending …

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LTRC Roundtable Discussion: Personal Knowledge Management

Our Panelists: Tom Mighell (TM), Dennis Kennedy (DK), Reid Trautz (RT), Michael Goler (MG), Terrell Turner (TT), and David Seserman (DS). What new collaboration tools have you started using since March 2020? TM: I was already using Zoom and Microsoft Teams for collaboration prior to March 2020; but my use of them increased exponentially due to the pandemic. Also, more …

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