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Moneyball to Moneylaw: Driving Decisions with Data


Big Data is the big buzz phrase of the day. We certainly are living in the world of data – whether it’s big or not – but what happens if we turn data analytics onto law firms and legal datasets? Is this the new driver of legal decision making and technology? In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss how …

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Quick Tip: Ditch the Laptop Bag

Stand on a crowded train platform in any major city and you won’t have much trouble spotting the people carrying laptops.  The giveaway is usually their bag: bags made by companies who only produce laptop bags and computer accessories; backpacks emblazoned with computer brand names or logos; over-sized designer handbags with laptops or expensive tablets clearly protruding. Unfortunately, these conspicuous …

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