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Apple WWDC Keynote Highlights

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) always generates a lot of excitement and a lot of headlines.  This year, we’ve read all of the coverage so you don’t have to. Here are the key highlights: Existing MacBook Air and Pro lines received an overall bump in specs, including faster processors.  Some prices dropped slightly. A new model of MacBook Pro …

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This Week in Tech – June 8th

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of June 8th: The New York City Bar issued an ethics opinion addressing unintentional juror contact via social media. How-to Geek explored the realities of proper hard drive wiping. Any.do, a popular task management app for Android, launched its iOS and Chrome versions. BGR has a …

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Lost Your Smartphone? Time to Remote Wipe

If you’re going to use a Smartphone, having the ability to remotely wipe it is essential. With remote wiping, if your device goes missing–whether via theft or simply by losing it–you can quickly take steps to erase all data from that device. Remote wiping requires that the device be connected to the service provider’s network, so it’s important to do …

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