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How to Approach Legal Innovation: Options for Every Firm


Innovation isn’t just a buzzword or trend. In the legal industry, innovation is becoming a functional area that more firms are prioritizing. To some degree, this movement is in response to changing client requirements. But largely, firms are looking at innovation to increase competitive advantages and proactively improve practice and business operations by leveraging digital technologies like AI, data analytics, …

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Legal Hackathons: Innovation Labs for the Legal Industry

I’ll be mentoring at a legal hackathon in Los Angeles on October 24th and 25th, and it really got me thinking about why these hackathons are so very important to the legal industry. There is a particular point I’d like to make about how and why these hackathons are driving innovation in our industry, but first, for those unfamiliar with what …

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Innovation and the Future of Law

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division provides a monthly webzine, Law Practice Today, covering the latest topics in law practice management. January’s issue focuses on innovation, including new law firm models, what the future of law will look like, as well as the risks associated with technological innovation in the legal practice. Here are some highlights from this issue: Seeking the New Law …

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Demythologizing the Mythical Paperless Office

Kennedy Mighell Podcast

For many years, lawyers have chased after the holy grail of the paperless office. While the basic techniques and strategies have largely stayed the same and the technology and tools have gotten better, most lawyers and firms have not attained the elusive goal of a “paperless” office. Is the goal simply unachievable or is it just too hard to execute on what it …

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Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology


On the eLawyering Blog, Richard Granat has posted 13 Top Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology, an excellent starting point for learning what law schools are teaching students today about law practice technology. The list is part of an effort the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force is making to identify the law schools offering courses on the “intersection of internet technologies and …

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Big Data for Lawyers

Sharon and Jim interview Jobst Elster, the Head of Content for InsideLegal.com, about the implications of big data for all lawyers in firms small and large.  Big data provides both opportunities and challenges for lawyers! [powerpress] Show Notes       Software TyMetrix RateDriver app (free download) Big Data Articles and Blog Posts Legal IT Insider: Top 10 Big Data Facts …

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The Endurance and Evolution of Technology

A recent article, “Technological extinction, Only the digital dies,” in the January 26, 2013 issue of The Economist, got me thinking. The article started with the premise that “The ‘paperless office’ has earned a proud place on lists of technological promises that did not come to pass.” It concluded with the idea that “digital technologies may prove to be more …

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