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Watch: 6 1/2 Legal Accounting Resolutions for the New Year

Lawyers are lucky that casework has deadlines. We wish we could say the same thing about accounting. Although cases usually get closed on time, most law firm books are full of open issues that never seem to go away. With this New Year’s resolution, 2017 can be different. Well, actually, there are six…and a half. In this video, we’ll review what …

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Watch: 2016 Year-End Accounting Checklist & Tips

Picture this: You close your office at Christmas. You return after the holiday and there is not a stitch of office work until the New Year. In this video, you’ll learn how to make this vision a reality — by putting most of your accounting on “autopilot.” We’ll show you the steps needed to close out your 2016 books and help …

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Watch: Moving to Managed Technologies: A Key Industry Trend

The legal information environment is changing rapidly. Emerging threats, increased need for accessibility and ubiquity, novel firm organizations, and new or stricter compliance standards are all putting pressure on managing partners and IT staff. This rapid evolution, some would even say revolution, demands a careful yet comprehensive strategy. That strategy needs to be informed, realistic, buzz-word proof and, above all, …

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