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Video: Boosting Productivity and Efficiency with Intelligent Documents

In a challenging market, lawyers are striving to achieve peak efficiency without reducing the quality of their work. One specific area where efficiency is desperately needed is in document preparation. Think about the time wasted creating nearly identical documents over and over again. Learn how to best create, organize and manage forms, and minimize costs while maximizing your earnings in this webinar from ...

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When Technologists Nudge


After endless hours of analysis and planning, we thought we had created an extremely fine piece of technology for the lawyers of the firm. And then we launched the application, only to discover that the lawyers didn’t agree with our assessment of the tool. It was, to put it mildly, disappointing. This experience is not unique to our team, and ...

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The Importance of Listening


Sometimes a convergence of ideas, none of which relates to law firm management, provides food for thought about how law firms (and other businesses) operate. That’s the case with this post, whose theme is the importance of listening, and how avoiding a dictatorship can help your firm grow. Let me provide four examples. First, there is my local florist. The ...

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Getting Started with Security

If you read my last post here on Law Technology Today, you know that I caution against an antivirus-only security strategy to combat today’s growing information risks.  But for many lawyers, the biggest challenge is not knowing whether they should do more, but rather what they should do to protect themselves and their practice from modern cyber threats.  The myriad of ...

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Big Data for Lawyers

Sharon and Jim interview Jobst Elster, the Head of Content for InsideLegal.com, about the implications of big data for all lawyers in firms small and large.  Big data provides both opportunities and challenges for lawyers! [powerpress] Show Notes       Software TyMetrix RateDriver app (free download) Big Data Articles and Blog Posts Legal IT Insider: Top 10 Big Data Facts ...

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Is Social Media Worth It?

Years after Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn debuted, social media remains a hot topic of discussion for lawyers and legal professionals.  How should it be used? Which sites are best? How do you get started–or should you get started at all? We’re happy to welcome this guest post from Victoria Santoro exploring the value of social media. Victoria is a litigator ...

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In the Wake of Google Reader’s Retirement

If you are anything like me, you were quite disappointed to learn that as of July 1, 2013 Google Reader will retire.  My first thought was once Google Reader is gone, what do I do with those hundreds (if not thousands) of RSS feeds I have captured and managed via Google Reader.  Rather than rely solely on the petition to ...

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What Technologists Can Teach Lawyers

A consultant I once knew stated in a technology benchmarking report that while her client (a law firm) did in fact own industry-standard technology, the lawyers of that firm did not know how to use more than ten percent of the capabilities of their technology. In this situation it was abundantly clear that the technologists in that firm had a ...

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Video: How to Make Social Media Work for Your Law Firm

Consumers today are constantly connected and expect the same from businesses. Social media can provide that connection by creating a direct stream of communication between clients and firms. Used appropriately, social media can expand business opportunities, garner strong relationships with clients and is even an opportunity to give your firm its own unique personality. Learn more about how your law ...

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