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Relevance: Social Media Evidence

Sometimes, I really wonder about attorneys and judges. Not wonder in the sense of awe, but wonder why they often make their lives more confusing and more difficult than necessary. In no area is my wonderment greater than in the arena of e-discovery and, more importantly, the issues relating to the discovery of social media. Various mentors of mine, in …

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New E-Discovery Tools for Small Cases

What’s hot in E-Discovery? Effective and affordable. The latest tools in search, analysis and review are making E-Discovery more effective in small cases and more affordable for law firms with limited technology budgets. Learn the tools for effective and affordable E-Discovery during the upcoming CLE program from the ABA Law Practice Management Section (LPM) What’s Hot in E-Discovery for Small …

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Electronic Discovery and the Rise of Smartphones

Routinely, I go through the intake forms associated with new digital forensics cases to see what is coming in on what kind of cases, from what sources, etc. Recently, I have been struck by the sheer volume of cases involving the recovery of deleted data (primarily text messages) from smartphones. We bought some expensive equipment recently to broaden our ability …

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