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Safeguarding Your Law Firm’s Confidentiality: Protecting Against the Costly Consequences of Misaddressed Emails

By Oliver Patterson, director of product management, VIPRE Security Group Law firms are entrusted with handling vast amounts of highly-sensitive information, ranging from financial data and medical records to insurance claims and personal client details. With strict compliance and regulatory requirements governing the legal profession, protecting this data is paramount. However, in an increasingly digital world, cybercriminals are targeting business …

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Protecting Client Confidentiality in the Legal Field Today: Tips and Tools for Cybersecurity

Client confidentiality is a fundamental pillar of the legal profession. Law firms are entrusted with safeguarding a wide range of confidential information, from financial data to personal details. Despite this, about 77% of attorneys have inadequate safety measures when it comes to securing their clients’ data. This is incredibly concerning when you consider the fact that in 2018, security researchers …

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