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Stay in the Loop with Cloud and Collaboration App E-Discovery

More than 200 million active users now rely on Microsoft 365, and they create more than 100 petabytes of new content each month within the platform. The market for collaboration tools such as Teams, Zoom and Slack exceeds $17 billion, with a projection to more than double in the coming years. As these tools have grown in user adoption worldwide, …

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Legal Tech Takes On Inter-Law Firm Collaboration

inter-law firm

Most attorneys will agree that legal technology has significantly improved collaboration within law firms. Innovative case management tools facilitate communication between lawyers and staff, improving productivity and client services. On the other hand, inter-law firm collaboration has been largely overlooked by legal tech—until now. There is a movement among legal technology developers to make co-counsel and case referrals more seamless. …

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Collaboration Tips for Deposition/Motion Prep

Building a strong case is a team effort. Once attorneys receive produced documents from opposing counsel, they often need to cooperate with parties inside and outside the firm (i.e. paralegals, litigation support staff and witnesses) to review and annotate confidential material. This journey is littered with serious pitfalls. Miscommunication, different operating procedures and security breaches can all threaten the integrity …

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Three Ways to Deliver Better Legal Services

In this guest post, Chad Burton, Founder of Burton Law, and Nitin Gupta, former co-founder of LawPivot and Legal Industry Lead at Box, describe how lawyers can embrace “post PC” technologies to more effectively deliver legal services. They look at three key areas: (1) internal law firm collaboration; (2) external collaboration; and (3) mobile lawyering.   The delivery of legal services …

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Send Fewer E-mails and Help Save World Productivity (An Excerpt from “The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success”)

Excerpted and adapted from The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice by Reid F. Trautz and Dan Pinnington. We all have a tendency to send and reply to e-mail messages when it is not absolutely necessary. E-mail messages are just so darn easy to create and send. In North America alone, tens of billions of …

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