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Cloud Ethics Opinions Around the U.S.

Cloud computing isn’t a new concept.  The technology, which moves software and data off of your computer and into third-party data centers, has broken through to the mainstream.  Major companies like Apple and Microsoft have launched cloud services; commercials and ads for new cloud products abound; and investment firms are pouring money into a wide variety of cloud ventures. But …

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This Week in Tech – July 6th

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of July 6th: An interesting chart shows that the ratio of PCs-to-Macs sold has dropped significantly over the last eight years. Look for a critical Internet Explorer 9 patch sometime next week. Cisco ran into some controversy regarding features added to their higher-end Linksys routers. At …

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Evaluating Cloud-Computing Providers

Moving your practice into “the cloud,” whether that involves a single application or all of your firm’s data, is not for everybody. But if you’re one of the many practitioners who have decided that there’s a compelling business case for employing cloud computing, it’s important that you do the appropriate research—and ask the relevant questions—to make sure you’re using a …

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