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Coming Soon: “Passing the Torch without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law Firm Retirement and Succession Planning”

Later this month, LPM will publish Passing the Torch without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law Firm Retirement and Succession Planning. Pre-order your copy today for a 15% pre-publication discount! For law firms, succession is a fact of life: founding partners retire, rainmakers depart, and in the meantime, client relationships must be preserved. Passing the Torch without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law …

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Join the Legal Technology Conversation

The Legal Technology Resource Center is pleased to invite you to join the latest platform for legal technology conversations: its new LinkedIn Group! This discussion-based group will cover relevant topics in legal technology, led by group members. We highly encourage you to start conversations, pose questions, and interact with each other as often as possible. Use this channel as a way to network …

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Android Devices for Lawyers

This episode of The Digital Edge features guest Jeffrey Taylor, also known as “The Droid Lawyer,” to discuss how lawyers can efficiently use Android phones, tablets and computers in their practice. Jeffrey Taylor is an Oklahoma City Attorney. He has been writing the popular blog “The Droid Lawyer” since 2011, educating lawyers on how to get the most out of their …

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Tech Competence: Knowing What Matters

In August of 2012, the ABA House of Delegates voted on a series of amendments to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct recommended by the Ethics 20/20 Commission. One of the most basic yet important changes came in the comments to Rule 1.1: Competence. As amended, the comment now states: [6] To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should …

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Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology

On the eLawyering Blog, Richard Granat has posted 13 Top Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology, an excellent starting point for learning what law schools are teaching students today about law practice technology. The list is part of an effort the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force is making to identify the law schools offering courses on the “intersection of internet technologies and …

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If you like us, “like” us!

The Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) is proud to announce the launch of its official Facebook page: Converse with us beyond the 140 character limit! “Like” us to receive updates on the LTRC’s resources such as webinars, publications, the latest blog posts from Law Technology Today and to join conversations on legal technology. We greatly appreciate your interest in the …

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Coming Soon: Stephanie Kimbro’s “The Consumer Law Revolution”

LPM Publishing is delighted to announce that The Consumer Law Revolution: The Lawyer’s Guide to the Online Legal Marketplace by Stephanie L. Kimbro will be available in June. Pre-order your copy today for a 15% pre-publication discount! There is a revolution occurring in the delivery of legal services in the United States. Consumers in need of personal and business legal …

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iOS apps

Three iOS Problems Solved

It’s hard to imagine, but next month the iPhone will turn six years old. It ushered in the modern smartphone world. The improvements over the Palm Treo or Blackberry were so dramatic that they justify the word “revolutionary”. Today it is no exaggeration to say that all smartphones are iPhones. Apps Everywhere Do you remember when customizing your cell phone …

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The Professional Development Issue: Law Practice Magazine May/June 2013

Every other month, the ABA Law Practice Management Section publishes an issue of Law Practice Magazine featuring insightful articles and helpful tips on marketing/client development, finance, legal technology and practice management. Here are some highlights from the latest issue on professional development: Accelerated Strengths Development (Cover Story) By Carrie Fletcher, Scott Westfahl “Implementing a New Model for Attorney Training” The Secret to Writing Persuasively  By Gary …

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Using Technology to Manage Your Network

Whether you are searching for employment or seeking new referral sources, networking is all the rage.  The key to networking is to develop credible relationships over time.  That way, people will think of you when they hear about a new job opportunity or when they need to make a referral to another attorney.  Merely meeting someone once at an event …

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