Lost Your Smartphone? Time to Remote Wipe

If you’re going to use a Smartphone, having the ability to remotely wipe it is essential. With remote wiping, if your device goes missing–whether via theft or simply by losing it–you can quickly take steps to erase all data from that device. Remote wiping requires that the device be connected to the service provider’s network, so it’s important to do ...

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Security Outside of the Office

Technology used to be firmly anchored in the office: bulky desktop computers, closet-filling servers, fax machines, and so forth. But as laptops have surged in popularity, and new technology like smartphones and tablets have emerged, lawyers are increasingly carrying their technology–and their clients’ data–with them outsideof the office. So how can you secure your technology on the go? Here are a ...

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Strong Password Refresher

Passwords are the first, and sometimes last, line of defense when it comes to data security. It’s vital to use strong passwords for all of your devices and accounts. What constitutes a strong password? Here’s a quick refresher: The length should be at least 8 characters, with some security experts now recommending 15+ characters. The password should include upper and lower case ...

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