Quick Tip: Focus Your Audience

It’s a common scenario: you’re leading an audience through your meticulously prepared slidedeck when you’re suddenly forced off script.  Maybe someone in the audience asked an interesting and complicated question, or perhaps you’ve realized that a particular point in your presentation requires elaboration.  Whatever the reason, it’s a moment when you need to shift the audience’s attention away from the ...

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Trial Presentation Basics: Document Cameras

When it comes to trial presentation technology, most of the attention these days is focused on the software:  software that can catalogue thousands of documents and pieces of evidence; software that creates dynamic and sophisticated presentations; even software to create detailed interactive timelines. But despite the rapid growth of trial and litigation support software, one of the most popular pieces ...

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Electronic Discovery and the Rise of Smartphones

Routinely, I go through the intake forms associated with new digital forensics cases to see what is coming in on what kind of cases, from what sources, etc. Recently, I have been struck by the sheer volume of cases involving the recovery of deleted data (primarily text messages) from smartphones. We bought some expensive equipment recently to broaden our ability ...

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