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Dine Law’s Favorite Things (Part 2)

In the first installment of Dine Law’s* favorite technological things, Jet, Heather and Logan explained why the 1) the Mobile Phone; 2) The Cloud; and 3) the Left Handed Mouse keep them motivated and engaged. In this second installment, Erika, Sierra and Diane share three more technologies that you may want to add to your holiday wish list! Most Addictive ...

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Quick PowerPoint Tip: Size Matters!

There is an old rule of thumb in the presentation world called the 8H Rule of Legibility. The rule was developed as a guideline when 35 mm slides were in use. The rule goes like this: If you can read an image from a distance of eight times its height, odds are that everyone will be able to read it when projected.

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Juries and Social Media (Free book excerpt from “Social Media as Evidence”)

Excerpted and adapted from Social Media as Evidence: Cases, Practice Pointers, and Techniques, now available from LPM Publishing. The Use of Social Media to Conduct Research on Jurors In addition to researching individual jurors, parties should also consider social media research to discover trends of thought, attitudes, opinions, and the like among the jury pool in the area, particularly in a high profile case. Indeed, ...

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Technology in the Courtroom

We’re pleased to share this guest post from Patrick Michael, a partner practicing in the Louisville office of Dinsmore & Stohl LLP.[1] Patrick writes about the Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project’s success in bringing modern tech amenities to a traditional courtroom.   A question to all the attorneys reading this, how many of you present your client’s cases using the following trial ...

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Picking a Jury, iPad Style (Free book excerpt)

Excerpted and adapted from iPad in One Hour for Litigators by Tom Mighell, now available from LPM Publishing. If you are in the fortunate position of having the jury list a few hours or even a day before voir dire begins, you can choose from several innovative iPad apps to help select a jury and track juror information. As a ...

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The iPad for Litigators

Kennedy Mighell Podcast

While the iPad offers lawyers in any practice area the potential for productivity improvements, app developers have really concentrated on making the iPad most useful for litigators. Today, there are apps for all parts of a legal matter, from case intake all the way to jury verdict.  In this edition, Dennis and Tom discuss Tom’s upcoming book iPad in One ...

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Working with Documents on Your iPad (An Excerpt from “iPad in One Hour for Litigators” by Tom Mighell)

Adapted and excepted from iPad in One Hour for Litigators by Tom Mighell, coming in March from LPM Publishing. Pre-order your copy today and save 15%!    Getting Electronic Documents onto Your Getting Electronic Documents onto Your iPad Let’s answer what is probably the most important question for this lesson: How do you get documents onto the iPad in the first ...

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