ABA TECHSHOW 2016: An Interview with Chair Steve Best


ABA Techshow 2016 is almost here! In this episode of The Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview Steve Best, chair of ABA TECHSHOW’s Planning Board, about the popular technology topics that will be covered at the conference in March, why lawyers and other law firm staff should care about tech trends, and how Steve personally became so intricately involved. ...

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Beyond the Scanner: Paperless Workflow that Works

Setting up a paperless office requires buying some hardware and software, but successfully maintaining a paperless office requires re-defining your everyday workflows. Join us on Thursday, September 10th for Beyond the Scanner: Paperless Workflow that Works to become victorious in your paperless quest! Our paperless faculty will show you how to streamline the logistics around your digital documents after the scanner—when ...

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Decrypting Encryption: Gaining Competence on Encryption for Your Practice

Do you encrypt your e-mail when communicating with a client? Do you encrypt client files on your laptop? How can you ensure that the digital files entrusted to you are safe? Understanding the basics of digital encryption may sound like a monumental task, but our experts will break down the technicalities into digestible morsels. Lawyers are responsible for protecting the ...

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If you weren’t able to attend ABA TECHSHOW this year—or maybe even if you did—you may be wondering what #ABATECHSHOW is all about and why it was founded 29 years ago. Hosted by the Law Practice Division, ABA TECHSHOW is the conference for bringing lawyers and technology together, taking place at the Hilton Chicago every spring. ABA TECHSHOW is, of course, about teaching legal ...

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