Vivian Manning

Vivian Manning is the IT Manager at Barriston Law LLP in Barrie, Bracebridge, Huntsville and Halliburton, Ontario, Canada. Prior to moving into IT, Vivian practiced law at Barriston LLP primarily in the area of Municipal Land Development, with a total of 17 years in private practice before switching to the IT side of the law office. She shares her love of teaching tech through her blog Small City Law Firm Tech, where she provides tips on using common law office software.

Them’s The (Email) Rules!

A couple of weeks ago our offices installed a brand-spanking new VoIP phone system.  I’ve been geeking out for the last little while, figuring out all the cool things we can do with the new system that we couldn’t do with the old one.  I love that I can log out of the phone at our desk, drive over to …

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Yes I AM Ignoring You

We’ve all been there before – probably more times than we care to think about:  That annoying email lands in our mailbox – an email that we just know is going to result in an entire useless, time-sucking stream of ‘replies to all’, requiring us to delete, delete, and delete some more.  For me, these emails usually go like this: …

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Windows Calculator: Simple. Or is it?

Everyone is familiar with that trusty old standby – the Windows Calculator.  If you don’t use specialized software, Excel, or your real world physical calculator (does anyone still use one of those?) when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, you probably use the built-in Windows Calculator. Did you know that the Windows 7 (and Windows 8 for those brave, adventurous souls) …

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You ARE the Weakest Link

Remember that turn of the century game show where weaker players were summarily dismissed from the game by a snarling game show host?  Wrong answer, off the game the player was ordered, as the weakest link – no second chance.  Only the strongest, most strategic players were left standing at the end to compete for the prize. When it comes …

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