V. Mary Abraham

V. Mary Abraham is an internationally known law firm knowledge management leader and consultant on facilitating strategic conversations and interactive educational sessions. For over 11 years she helped lead the knowledge management / knowledge sharing efforts within an international law firm. In addition to the content creation and content management activities she carried out on behalf of various practice groups, she also led her firm’s effort to enhance knowledge sharing through the use of social media tools. Prior to her work in knowledge management, she was a corporate lawyer whose practice focused on international joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. Ms. Abraham is a frequent speaker and writer on knowledge management and social media issues. Her blog, AboveandBeyondKM.com, continues to win commendations and readers, and sparks discussions in the legal community and other industries. She has served on the advisory boards of the Practical Law Company and KMers.org (an online forum for knowledge management personnel worldwide). In addition, she was a member of the conference planning committee for the International Legal Technology Association from 2009 to 2012, where she helped design and implement innovative interactive conference sessions that won overwhelmingly positive reviews from attendees. She has been honored by her peers as a thought-leader in the areas of knowledge management and Enterprise 2.0. She can be reached at KMAdvice@gmail.com. Or follow her on Twitter / LinkedIn.

Breaking the Barriers to Knowledge Sharing

Breaking the Barriers to Knowledge Sharing The beautiful thing about working in a law firm is that you have access to the collected wisdom of the lawyers and support staff of the firm. Their experience and advice are easily available to you, no matter who you are or where you sit within the organization. In theory, this is an accurate …

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When Technologists Nudge


After endless hours of analysis and planning, we thought we had created an extremely fine piece of technology for the lawyers of the firm. And then we launched the application, only to discover that the lawyers didn’t agree with our assessment of the tool. It was, to put it mildly, disappointing. This experience is not unique to our team, and …

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What Technologists Can Teach Lawyers

A consultant I once knew stated in a technology benchmarking report that while her client (a law firm) did in fact own industry-standard technology, the lawyers of that firm did not know how to use more than ten percent of the capabilities of their technology. In this situation it was abundantly clear that the technologists in that firm had a …

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Improve Your Legal Practice Through Gamification

At the beginning of each year, adults all over the country promise themselves that this will be the year they finally get fit. Like those adults, I resolved in January to get more exercise. It’s now six weeks into the new year and I’m finding that I need a little more encouragement to stick with my New Year’s resolution. In …

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