Tina Willis

Just after graduating from Florida State University College of Law second in her class (in 1995), Tina Willis worked for a couple of large Atlanta defense firms, and within a couple of years moved onto teaching federal Civil Procedure at Barry University College of Law. She eventually began writing motions and appeals for other attorneys, which she continued for nearly 15 years. She now operates a boutique personal injury firm serving both Florida and Georgia clients, from her office in Orlando, and prides herself on providing her clients highly personalized service with the goal of fully maximizing their settlements or verdicts. She also continues to draft motions and appeals for other personal injury attorneys and their clients. In her spare time, Tina creates her own websites, including injuryattorneyflorida.com and wrongfuldeathattorneyorlando.com. She has also been called a Google Plus “ninja,” and has amassed over 9500 followers in the 7 or 8 months that she has been active on the platform. Together with Stephan Futeral, she hosts a live “hangout on air” called Legally Speaking, which is a live YouTube / Google Plus show, sponsored by Rocket Matter (and open to other sponsors), featuring either panels of lawyers discussing interesting legal issues, or non-lawyers discussing topics of interest to lawyers, such as lawyer marketing.