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Healthcare Industry Data Breaches


In the latest edition of Digital Detectives, hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek invite Alan Goldberg to discuss the typical causes of a data breach, likely consequences, prevention, and more.  In particular, Goldberg highlighted was the colossal cost of data breaches. He explained that the minimum cost is $100,000 and it has the potential to amount to millions. Goldberg is a solo practitioner in McLean, Virginia. A past ...

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TECHSHOW 2014 Keynote Speaker Announced

ABA TECHSHOW is known primarily for its variety of legal technology programming and expert faculty, but the conference wouldn’t be complete without an exciting Keynote Speaker! Over the past several years, ABA TECHSHOW has invited big names to the stage including Prof. Larry Lessig, Ben Stein, and David Pogue. This year, ABA TECHSHOW is excited to announce Rick Klau, Partner ...

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Internet Marketing: Law Practice Today, November 2013

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division provides a monthly webzine, Law Practice Today, covering the latest topics in law practice management. November’s edition focuses on internet marketing, discussing topics such as social media, ethics, and search engine optimization. Here are some highlights from this issue: Social Media, Ethics, and “Expertise:” What’s a Lawyer to Do? “Lawyers have embraced LinkedIn more than any other ...

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Learn More About Firm Central

Firm Central can grow as your practice grows. You can make Firm Central as robust a tool as your firm needs. It is the only online practice management tool for solo and small firms that connects you to and integrates industry-leading platforms and programs from Thomson Reuters. WestlawNext – Maximize your research with the trusted expertise of 125+ years of ...

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Independent Thinking: Small Law Firms Find Their Niche in Hosted Software

Are you still debating a move to “the cloud?” Thomson Reuters has released a free practice management article—the first in their Independent Thinking thought leadership series—that defines cloud technology, and lays out specific reasons why hosted software (a.k.a. Software as a Service/SaaS) has certain inherent benefits to solo and small law firms. In the article Getting Ahead in the Cloud:  Why Small Law ...

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Get to Know Firm Central

Firm Central let’s you accomplish more for your clients with less effort and stress.  It is the only online practice management solution for solo and small firms that connects your legal research, drafting, matters, contacts, calendar, and more. Accomplish more for your clients with less effort and stress with these key benefits: Efficiency – Once you’re in Firm Central through the single ...

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In Memoriam: Ross Kodner

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section (LPM) mourns the sudden passing of our friend and revered member, Ross Kodner. In addition to being an active member, Ross was renowned for his contributions made in advancing forward the legal technology field. He was unique, funny, a dynamic speaker and well-known throughout the legal community. As the founder of MicroLaw,Inc., ...

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Technology in the Courtroom

We’re pleased to share this guest post from Patrick Michael, a partner practicing in the Louisville office of Dinsmore & Stohl LLP.[1] Patrick writes about the Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project’s success in bringing modern tech amenities to a traditional courtroom.   A question to all the attorneys reading this, how many of you present your client’s cases using the following trial ...

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Lawyers and the Cloud: Three Myths Debunked

We have reached a point in today’s “post PC” environment where most lawyers accept that (a) cloud services and mobile apps exist, (b) they offer an enticing way to store and share data for a law practice, and (c) they are here to stay.  That said, there are still skeptics that believe that the public cloud is not ready for ...

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