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2023 Trends in Law Firm Operations – and How Technology Will Help Shape Them

We hear a lot about legal technology changing the way law firms operate, but technology doesn’t drive change: it empowers law firms to make the changes they want to make, or that they need to make to stay competitive and grow their businesses. Finding the right technology tools is one increasingly-important way you can increase profitability, retain the best employees, …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Hybrid Working Environment

A hybrid work culture is one where employees work from home and in the office. Hybrid working environments became quite common during the covid pandemic when companies and employees were forced to find at-home or hybrid solutions to minimize exposure. Thereafter many companies recognized the improvement in employee productivity and retention as well as reduced overhead costs and continued to …

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Q&A with Marcia Watson Wasserman and Cynthia Thomas About Their New Book The Law Office Policies, Procedures and Operations Manual, 7th Edition

Who is your book written for/Who would get the most out of reading your book? Marcia: The policies and procedures contained in the book can be used by attorneys, managers, and other legal professional staff in firms of all sizes. However, the primary focus of the book is for small and medium law firms as well as solos.  They would …

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