Jayne Navarre

Jayne Navarre, Exec. Director of LawGravity LLC, provides leadership in marketing innovation, driven by web technologies, for clients positioned around the world. Author of the essential book, social.lawyers, WEST, 2010 ed., and the groundbreaking white paper on law firms and social media, “Humans Seek Connection,” LMA, 2008, she blogs at the VirtualMarketingOfficer.com. If it can be imagined, let’s make it happen. LinkedIn | Twitter.

A Social Stream in an Ocean of Big Data

Hello big data! The buzz is getting louder around the legal water coolers these days. There’s a lot more talk about big data regulations, compliance, and privacy—the legal stuff, of course. But there are also an increasing number of conversations around concepts such as “disparate records” stored in “unstructured” ways on network drives, PCs, mobile devices, and even flash drives, …

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Do I Need a LinkedIn Premium Account?

“With a premium LinkedIn account you can send InMails to reach anyone on LinkedIn, get hundreds of additional search results, save and organize profiles, and see more information about who’s viewed your profile.” (Source: LinkedIn.com) One of my jobs is to guide, coach, and advise my clients, typically lawyers, law firm marketing teams, and admin professionals, in the use of …

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Social Media: The “New” Courthouse?

Let’s forget, for a moment, the magical marketing benefits of social media and talk about law and order. Prosecutors and defense attorneys are right now, as you’re reading this post, initiating, hosting, or contributing to social Web conversations with ordinary citizens (all potential jurors, I’d add). These officers of the court are, today, boldly intimidating criminals, rallying citizens, and managing …

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