Heidi Alexander

Heidi S. Alexander, Esq. is the Deputy Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, where she helps manage organization operations and leads the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP). LOMAP provides free and confidential practice management assistance, guidance in implementing new law office technologies, and methods to attain healthy and sustainable practices. She is the author of Evernote as a Law Practice Tool and serves on the ABA's TECHSHOW Planning Board. In 2017, Heidi was appointed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's Standing Advisory Committee on Professionalism. She can be reached via email at heidi@masslomap.org, Twitter @heidialexander, or LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/heidisarahalexander.

SlideShark: Simple and Sleek Mobile Presentations

If you are anything like me, you are constantly seeking out the next best program or app to integrate into your workflow to save you time and allow you to show off your technological know-how.  The app that I’d like to discuss today is not exactly “new”; indeed, it has been around since October 2011.  But, this is an app …

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Using Technology to Manage Your Network


Whether you are searching for employment or seeking new referral sources, networking is all the rage.  The key to networking is to develop credible relationships over time.  That way, people will think of you when they hear about a new job opportunity or when they need to make a referral to another attorney.  Merely meeting someone once at an event …

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In the Wake of Google Reader’s Retirement

If you are anything like me, you were quite disappointed to learn that as of July 1, 2013 Google Reader will retire.  My first thought was once Google Reader is gone, what do I do with those hundreds (if not thousands) of RSS feeds I have captured and managed via Google Reader.  Rather than rely solely on the petition to …

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Law Firm App Extravaganza

With nearly half of all American adults now using smartphones and a quarter using tablet computers, businesses must develop products catered to the mobile experience.  Smartphones and tablets are being used to browse the Internet, access data remotely, draft/share/collaborate on documents, email, connect socially, and much more. Optimizing your law firm website for mobile use is old news, as smartphones …

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