Glenn F. Campbell

For over 20 years, Glenn has advocated for the rights of others, especially people with disabilities. He believes that everyone should have the right to equal access, equal opportunity, and the necessary support so they can make informed decisions. "It is not only my goal to provide my clients with competent legal representation, but to also be patient and understanding, especially during those times when they are making decisions that can greatly affect their lives." Aside from his law practice, Glenn remains active in the community. He not only offers advocacy and legal assistance to nonprofit organizations, but he is also a member of several advisory boards including the Suffolk County Disability Advisory Board, the Association of Mental Health and Awareness, and was most recently appointed Co-Chairperson to the newly formed Brookhaven Township Special Needs Task Force. Glenn is licensed to practice in the Courts of New York State and the Eastern District of New York. In 2012, Glenn published his first book, I Wouldn't Change a Thing, that illustrates his life as someone living with quadriplegia.