Douglas Capozzalo

Douglas Capozzalo is currently employed by the law firm of Shearman & Sterling in New York City to coach attorneys how technology can best support their practice. At Shearman he is driving a tech skills certification program for associates. Shearman is taking a lead role in the development of core competencies by the Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition (LTC4), a loose affiliation of senior training professionals at law firms around the world working to establish an industry standard for tech competency. Mr. Capozzalo has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Economics and a technology training consultant. He earned an MBA from the Stern School of Business, New York University, and a BA from Yale College. He began his career at Citi where he served as Operations Officer. There he leveraged new technology to reduce reporting times for senior staff members. Then as Account Officer at Heller Financial he helped to design a groundbreaking EDT (Electronic Data Transfer) initiative to support in-depth credit analysis for the firm’s clients. Technology had served Mr. Capozzalo well as a banker; teaching technology then became his passion. He served as Technology Training Director at the law firm of Brown Raysman, an industry leader in intellectual property law; and subsequently managed workshops around the world as Director of Leaning and Development for The Globecon Group in New York City. Mr. Capozzalo has advised companies across the country on how best to introduce new technology to their employees. He lives with his wife in Dobbs Ferry, NY.