Daniel Siegel

Mr. Siegel is the founder and President of Integrated Technology Services, LLC, a consulting service for attorneys, and the principal of the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC firm in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Siegel is the author of Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers and The Lawyer’s Guide to CaseMap, both published by the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section, and Changing Law Firms: Ethical Guidance for Pennsylvania Law Firms & Attorneys, published by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. He has served as a writer, lecturer and course planner (on technology, civil litigation, workers’ compensation, ethics, personal injury and other matters) for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, American, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Bar Associations, and American, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Associations.

Bridging The Tech Chasm

Some things never cease to amaze me. Like the fact that lawyers, who want to be the best at everything they do, don’t seem to care if they are incompetent at technology. Sound extreme? I don’t think so. If they cared, they would actually be upset, or at least concerned, about the fact that they and their staffs don’t know …

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The Importance of Listening


Sometimes a convergence of ideas, none of which relates to law firm management, provides food for thought about how law firms (and other businesses) operate. That’s the case with this post, whose theme is the importance of listening, and how avoiding a dictatorship can help your firm grow. Let me provide four examples. First, there is my local florist. The …

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The Endurance and Evolution of Technology

A recent article, “Technological extinction, Only the digital dies,” in the January 26, 2013 issue of The Economist, got me thinking. The article started with the premise that “The ‘paperless office’ has earned a proud place on lists of technological promises that did not come to pass.” It concluded with the idea that “digital technologies may prove to be more …

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Relevance: Social Media Evidence

Sometimes, I really wonder about attorneys and judges. Not wonder in the sense of awe, but wonder why they often make their lives more confusing and more difficult than necessary. In no area is my wonderment greater than in the arena of e-discovery and, more importantly, the issues relating to the discovery of social media. Various mentors of mine, in …

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