Adriana Linares

Adriana Linares is a legal technology consultant with her company, LawTech Partners. Using her practical and personal approach she helps legal professionals use technology to maximize skills and investments through training and consulting. She served as Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2017; works as a technology consultant to the Florida Bar Board of Governors and serves as the Technology and Practice Management Advisor of the San Diego County Bar Association. Listen and watch as she disarms successful lawyers with her wit and humor and gets them to divulge their pearls of wisdom on monthly episodes of the New Solo podcast, and weekly on Litera.TV during her segment, LawTech Connect. To learn about hiring Adriana to help you with your law practice, visit

Paperless in 12 Steps

Too many excuses are made for a law firm’s inertia toward a paperless or just “less paper”-ridden office. The reason? Most often, “We aren’t sure where to start”. Well here’s a simple plan to help get the mountain moving. Make a paperless plan. But don’t call it that. If you’re leading the cause and the cause involves lawyers, don’t utter …

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