Adam Carlson

Adam Carlson, M.S., CISM is a security solutions consultant at IntApp where he helps law firms implement next-generation data protection and security monitoring tools. He has over 10 years of experience in IT and security management. Prior to his consulting role, Adam co-founded Carlson & Wolf LLC, a legal security consulting firm, and has also worked as an external security auditor and as a Chief Security Officer at a large public organization. He views protecting client data as a mission-critical objective for lawyers and one that requires close coordination between IT and law firm management. Adam can be reached on Twitter at @ajcsec or through his LinkedIn profile.

Getting Started with Security

If you read my last post here on Law Technology Today, you know that I caution against an antivirus-only security strategy to combat today’s growing information risks.  But for many lawyers, the biggest challenge is not knowing whether they should do more, but rather what they should do to protect themselves and their practice from modern cyber threats.  The myriad of …

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The Most Powerful (and Cheapest) Risk Management Tool

Funding for security initiatives can be difficult to come by, especially since most lawyers have gotten by for years with minimal investment in this area.  Many still rely on little more than antivirus software and a back-up hard drive.  Naturally, lawyers often ask what they can do to minimize their information security exposure and reasonably manage their risk without large …

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