Leveraging Change in Lead and Call Generation

By Vince Wingerter, CEO and founder of 4LegalLeads.com 

When the Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote “The only constant in life is change,” he could have been writing about lead and call generation in the legal industry. The legal industry continues to transform at a rapid pace, and how law firms find new clients is no exception. As more and more people go online to find legal help, more and more law firms go online to find new clients. Moreover, the technology powering the online experience continues to change. 

While law firms have been utilizing online marketing for years, there was a huge influx of law firms into the online space during the pandemic. As a result, more and more law firms are adding outsourced online lead generation to their marketing plans, even if they are doing their own advertising in house. With the shift toward digital marketing, legal lead providers have emerged as a critical resource for law firms looking to connect with potential clients. Law firms realized they could spend more time serving their clients while an online lead provider routed new leads to their inbox or live on the phone. Moreover, online lead generation holds the potential for expanding both areas of practice and geographic coverage. 

With the market constantly evolving, it is essential for law firms to partner with a legal lead provider that stays on top of changes in the industry. Gaining clients over the long-term depends on choosing a lead provider who invests in the future. Keeping up with the latest trends and technology to ensure high-quality leads is essential for sustainable law firm growth.   

Find a Partner, not a Supplier 

A lot of other lead providers operate on a strictly transactional basis. Once the sale of the lead to the law firm is completed, the provider is not concerned with the outcome. In fact, they might only get involved if they get complaints about invalid leads. Since they only care about the short-term, bad lead providers don’t care or put in the time, effort, and money required to improve your campaigns to your benefit. Obviously, this is bad news for any law firm looking for sustained growth.  

At 4LegalLeads.com, we view our relationship with law firms as a partnership. This informs everything we do for our clients. Helping law firms grow over the long-term means we must keep on top of ever-changing needs. Our commitment to providing Exclusive Web Leads and Pre-Qualified Live Calls has set new industry standards for quality and customer support for over 20+ years. This is why the symbiotic relationship with 4LegalLeads.com is so highly valued, and law firms nationwide stay with us for years, and trust us to help them reach their full potential. 

Communication is Key – Focusing on What Works  

Providing feedback to your advertising partner on which leads are closing and which leads are not is essential for sustained growth. However, the effort is only worth it with an advertising partner that can and is willing to take action on this information and feedback. A lead company with state-of-the-art attribution, such as 4LegalLeads.com, is able to take the clients that you mark as signed and shift a multitude of campaigns towards more leads that will close. 4LegalLeads.com believes 100% attribution combined with law firm feedback is the key to moving more of your marketing dollars to future wins.  

At 4LegalLeads.com, we want to hear from you. We care about providing you leads that convert, not just for today, but for scaling over the long term. To that end, we set up a system to facilitate two-way communication and feedback. Our Interactive Partner Portal allows you to update the status of any lead with a simple click of a button. Not only can you return leads that are invalid, but you can report on leads that closed and became clients. Our Portal also seamlessly integrates intake steps that enable you to record how the call went and the final outcome. The result? We can optimize your campaigns daily by moving marketing budgets to campaigns that are winning and closing the most leads for your firm. Continuously fine-tuning campaigns allows us to bring you better and better leads. This in turn improves your closing rate, saves you time, and boosts your ROI.   

Additionally, 4LegalLeads.com has an entire verification department that constantly reviews feedback from lawyers. They validate flagged incoming leads and review any returned leads pooling together feedback from thousands of attorneys to improve each individual law firm’s campaigns.  

Investing in Quality 

Accurate and reliable lead information is critical for improving conversion rates and saving valuable time and effort. Choosing a lead provider that constantly invests in verification processes to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the leads they deliver is crucial.  

4LegalLeads.com employs the most successful detection methods from other verticals and blazes the trail in the legal vertical to push this innovation across multiple stages of the consumer’s journey. 4LegalLeads.com does more than just confirm TCPA compliance and simple email and phone validation. In fact, 4LegalLeads.com uses hundreds of touchpoints at the advertising, point of request, and conversational journey levels to confirm leads are real-time, valid, and of high intent. Providing real-time, exclusive leads that are non-incentivized, and free of bots, duplicates, and stale requests allows law firm resources to be better utilized on prospects that can convert to case clients.   

Are You Ready to Choose Growth?   

In conclusion, gaining clients in today’s competitive online market begins and ends with choosing the right lead provider. Partnering with an innovative and experienced lead provider can help ensure profitable growth over the long term. Beyond providing Exclusive, Real-Time Web Leads and Pre-Qualified Live Calls, 4LegaLeads.com advises law firms on their tech stack and other steps needed to succeed at connecting with new clients online. We’ve been helping law firms adapt to changes in technology and grow their client base since 2001.    

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