Five Top Tech Solutions to Streamline your Legal Practice

Running an efficient and caring legal practice takes time, effort and a lot of energy–particularly with a small team. With only so many hands on deck, you can spread yourself too thin. But adopting the latest technology frees you from administrative tasks, allowing you to grow your practice and develop client relationships.

To get started, here are some suggestions to help optimize your legal practice.

1) HotDocs – Docs that rock

Paperwork can eat into your day and take you away from working on a specific case. Spend more time learning about clients rather than preparing forms for them with HotDocs.

Document automation software generates forms clients need when choosing your practice. From correspondence to wills to contracts, having a system to handle your paperwork frees you to get right to the case.

83% of lawyers who use drafting software agreed that it mitigates mistakes (Thomas Reuters). With this technology for law firms, you can cut out the mishaps, speed up your intake process and enhance the quality of your documentation.

2) Setmore – Simplified scheduling.

From consultations to representation, your schedule can get pretty hectic. Upgrading your paper calendar to an automated booking system lets appointments confirm in the background while you work with clients.

According to GetApp, almost 70% of people prefer to book appointments online. With Setmore, leads can schedule a spot in your calendar without having to call or email. People can reserve your time directly from your custom ‘Booking Page’, making it easy for you to take in new clients. You also cut down on no-shows and enhance client experience with automated appointment confirmations and reminders.

Display services, prices and real-time availability for leads to self-schedule when it suits them. With a ‘book now’ button on your website, your firm takes in new clients while your secretary team works on preparing case files and welcoming clients.

3) LEX Reception – Pick up every call.

79% of clients expect a response within 24 hours (The Legal Trends Report). Being the first to respond dramatically increases the probability of your firm landing a client when they reach out.

Those who call are searching for an attorney–ensure you answer with LEX Reception. It’s an expert legal answering service that uses a custom script and intake questions as part of the screening process. That way, clients know what service you can provide before coming on board.

Ditch the voicemail and get your phone answered by someone who understands. With calls covered, your firm can capture more leads and retain current clients, helping your practice run seamlessly.

4) LawPay – Secure, trusted payments.

Offering clients their preferred way to pay helps your firm stay on top of invoices. With LawPay, payments are easy and secure, meaning you’re free to focus on what matters–clients and cases.

Your firm can save countless hours collecting legal fees with an online payment system that gets you paid 39% faster (ABA). Having ABA and IOLTA-compliant software also assures clients their money is safe while their case goes on.

Whatever stage your clients are at, allow them to pay at every step. Mitigate missed payments with installment plans and know you can offer your services, no matter someone’s situation.

5) DocuSign – Signed, sealed, delivered.

In the eyes of the law, a signature means everything. Your individual mark signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in a document–it’s given your word in writing.

Getting clients to sign legal documents in person is now a thing of the past. Electronic cloud-based signature software DocuSign can help deliver a faster turnaround while eliminating human error.

With a trusted system, clients know documents are centrally stored and agreements can be easily accessed.

Modernize your service with software for lawyers.

Whether your team is big or small, automated software and systems can take care of administrative tasks. Your team may need to pour all their efforts into a specific case or client; dividing their time could see a dropoff in your firm’s output.

Sit down with your team and set out a vision for how your firm should work. What are your client’s pain points, and how can you go from stumbling to striding? By understanding who you’re currently serving, you’ll find it easier to convert new clients.

Adapt and implement.

Adopting these processes can create time to meet more leads, attend events and improve client relationships. From Setmore to LawPay to HotDocs, your firm can operate like a well-oiled machine while focusing on growth, cases and relationships.

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