Legal Leads Provide Unexpected Strategic Benefits for Law Firms

Attorneys come to lead providers like with a simple objective in mind, to find new clients online.

That’s the priority, and understandably so. Online advertising and lead generation is a highly complex skill that most law firms don’t have the time or bandwidth to master. So, legal leads give them the ability to outsource the mammoth, expert task of sourcing online leads to an outside firm.

However, once they’ve filled their sales pipeline with potential clients, they find that there’s far more value to be discovered. The attorneys we meet are surprised at the wide-ranging, problem-solving benefits of working with an online lead generation firm.

From Simple Tool to Strategic Advantage

We find that most attorneys approach a lead generation service as a simple, problem-solving tool. However, finding new clients is just the beginning of what’s possible. A relationship with a quality provider forges a strategic partnership that drives growth for your firm in multiple ways.

In the case of, attorneys gain the advantages of twenty years of online marketing experience and a nationwide advertising presence. That depth of experience and breadth of resources leapfrogs a law firm into new levels of strategic potential.

The Live Call Advantage

Live Call leads work in a similar way to traditional Web Leads. People from a targeted, geographic region see an ad online prompting them to connect with an attorney.

However, instead of requiring the lead to fill out a form and wait for a response, the Live Call connection is immediate. This alone is a tremendous advantage, as the speed of a law firm’s response to a lead is critical for success in converting them into a client.

Live Calls also form a very personal connection, which is invaluable. Legal leads are typically in a vulnerable spot when they reach out to an attorney. Making a live, personal connection goes a long way in earning their trust.

Low Overhead

By using a lead provider, you accomplish far more with your marketing budget than you could on your own. The difference between staffing and maintaining your own online advertising campaigns versus having someone with the existing infrastructure do it for you is immense.

  • You save all of the trial and error and sunk costs of developing your own online ad campaigns.
  • You’re free of the burden of hiring the right talent and setting up a team to do the work on your behalf.
  • You’re spared the work of staying up to date on technology and investing in upgrades.
  • In most business models, you simply pay per lead while gaining access to deep expertise, highly-trained staff, and established campaigns with a nationwide reach.

These benefits help law firms of all sizes, but they can be transformational for small to mid-sized firms. ABA’s 2020 Websites and Marketing TechReport showed that only 33% of firms with 10-49 lawyers had internal marketing staff, let alone the resources to mount complex advertising campaigns. Legal leads level the playing field and empower smaller firms to compete online.


When you’re partnered with a company that has existing, nationwide infrastructure, you can start as carefully as you want and then scale your campaigns aggressively when the time is right.

Then, you can do the reverse and scale back. Law firms can leverage instant scalability to support both seasons of growth and seasons of maintenance when their client load is full.


Most lead providers offer a wide selection of legal categories like Auto Accident, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, DUI, Family Law, Workers Comp, Bankruptcy, and Immigration. At, we have more than 40 categories.

If your firm is like most, it covers multiple areas of law, and on any given day one of them has a greater need for clients than another. Working with a lead provider who has a large “menu” of categories allows you to toggle back and forth and divert resources where they’re needed most.

Geographic Expansion

You can expand your geographic reach right away. The infrastructure is already in place for you to simply say you want to target a new zip code, county, or state. You don’t have to build out your own campaigns. You simply change a setting in your account to access a whole new market.

Prior to COVID-19, many attorneys felt limited regionally by how far a client might drive to meet face-to-face. Now that video conferencing is normalized, attorneys are taking the opportunity to source legal leads from new counties and states.

Expansion into New Areas of Practice

Just like the ability to reach new markets, a legal lead provider empowers you to find cases in categories of law that expand your practice. Because you only pay-per-lead, your firm can test these expansions carefully before scaling its efforts.

Expansion into New Markets

Even though there are more than 41 million Spanish-speaking people in the United States, there has been a distinct shortage of services that help attorneys connect with them. Now, several firms like are offering Spanish-Speaking Legal Leads.

Better Tracking of ROI

With leads, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of your cost of acquisition for each client. This is invaluable. It’s a great advantage over traditional models of advertising where you may invest $10K in a print, radio, or television campaign but end up unable to assess the results of your ad buy.

Increased Market Share

A recent marketing study showed that 72% of potential clients hire the first attorney they speak with. In a very crowded market of law firms online, it’s critical to have a competitive advantage over your regional competition.

Even if your law firm seems to have mastered online marketing game, lead providers are still out there finding leads that you didn’t. It’s better to partner with them and capture a greater share of your market.

Strategic Advantages Have Never Been More Important

After 20 years spent in online lead generation for the legal industry, the long ride through the pandemic has been most rewarding time I’ve spent in the business. At the end of the day, it’s been a combination of the advantages legal leads bring to the table and the creativity attorneys have shown in using them to overcome the challenges of the past two years.

In a positive, strategic relationship with a legal lead provider, you can build a rewarding partnership that drives growth for years to come. We’d be grateful for the opportunity to earn your business and your trust. There are no contracts, just an experienced provider with a team that’s dedicated to quality and excellent customer service.

It only takes a few moments to visit or call (866) 685-0070 to create your account.

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