OpenText™ Axcelerate™ and the Principles of eDiscovery Platform Development

The Principles of eDiscovery Platform Development

As data volume and complexity continues to increase and budget and time pressures are more critical than ever, legal teams demand eDiscovery technology that will reduce costs, speed time to facts and increase quality of review. The key to achieving the objectives of cost reduction, speed to facts and increased quality is to enable efficiency across entire eDiscovery or investigations projects. The net effect is to allow legal teams to begin review sooner and complete review faster to achieve cost-efficiency and proportionality and find the critical evidence quickly.

OpenText Axcelerate’s Development Highlights

OpenText has invested heavily in Axcelerate since acquiring Recommind in 2016. Here are a few of the key recent enhancements that have helped legal teams and investigators get on with the job quickly and complete projects efficiently.

  • A modern UI with a clean layout and logical menus;
  • Enhanced automated text analytics including fact vs. opinion analysis, document summaries and the auto-detection of people, places and organizations;
  • “Find similar” to hold up known relevant data to quickly find other data likely to be relevant;
  • Robust support for chat data and all its associated reactions and attachments;
  • Ability to collect numerous forms of data from smartphones for more inclusive review;
  • Advanced support for Microsoft® Excel® with near-native viewing and ability to redact granularly by cell(s), row(s), column(s), sheet(s), and workbook(s);
  • Streamlined data privacy tools including a powerful Regular Expression engine for custom patterns and a pre-configured library of common patterns;
  • Ability to redact by document or in bulk across millions of documents;
  • Rich customizable visualizations to help derive insights with built-in navigation to pivot within the data; and,
  • Clean but detailed reports for each stage of a project from ingestion to production, and across projects to easily monitor completion progress.

Learn more about how Axcelerate and related OpenText eDiscovery solutions drive down costs and improve efficiency across the eDiscovery lifecycle and check out this video to see how Axcelerate delivers analytics and automation for superior eDiscovery.

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