WATCH | How to Localize Your Law Firm’s Content Strategy in 2022


One of the most important ways of improving your firm’s online presence is having a strong content strategy. However, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure to validate the funds spent on an editorial team, video editor, SEO agency, and other content expenses.

You may see an increase in web traffic from your efforts, but how do you know those visitors fit your ideal client profile? Are they even visitors within your local market? In that case, web traffic alone may be a poor indicator of your content strategy.

Join Bernie Clark & Adam Gingery of Majix Marketing, and CallRail, a leader in call tracking analytics, to learn how law firms can develop a localized content strategy to improve their lead generation and attract in-market clients.

Join this program to discover:

  • What is a localized content strategy & why does it matter
  • What type of content should you be focusing on
  • How to develop content that is “localized” to drive more qualified leads
  • How to track and measure your success

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