WATCH | From Crypto to Credit Cards: How Online Payments Work and How to Use Them


Over 80% of customers prefer to pay for services with a credit card. If you aren’t accepting online payments yet, you could be losing potential clients—not to mention wasting time chasing payments. If your goals are to (1) maximize cash flow to get as much money from non-paying clients as possible; and (2) ethically accept online payments and use them to increase your firm’s revenue, then this webinar is for you.

In this session, we will discuss how attorneys use online payments to their advantage (including cryptocurrency and credit cards), and why it is vital that you include this digital feature in your practice. We will also go over pain points and concerns for attorneys, and how online payments can help your firm run more efficiently (and put more money in your pocket). Attorney Jordan Turk will also give some of her favorite tips and tricks to streamline your billing and collections processes that you can start implementing immediately in your firm.

  • How cashless payments actually work so you can plan better for your receivables (i.e., what is a chargeback? What is a wire transfer, and should I take that over a check?)
  • Best practices for billing and payments to keep your firm in the black, including utilizing available technology to your advantage, as well as exploring the tangible benefits of online payments vs. more traditional methods.
  • How to avoid possible state bar sanctions and state violations with regard to your IOLTA or trust account.

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