NetDocuments and LexisNexis Launch Game-Changing Research Tool at ABA Techshow

NetDocuments and LexisNexis Launch Game-Changing Research Tool at ABA Techshow

Highlights Powered by LexisNexis®

Highlights, powered by LexisNexis®, combines LexisNexis case analysis and intelligence technology with NetDocuments, enabling lawyers to access legal research, entity, and precedent information from within their documents. Highlights vastly streamlines preparation, helps create more effective documents, saves time on research and due diligence, and ultimately produces more strategic arguments.

Highlights Impact on Your Practice

With NetDocuments Highlights, lawyers stay in the flow of working on a brief, motion, or document and do not need to switch to another tool to complete research tasks. Highlights automatically displays parties, entities, and citations in a side panel. This is helpful to get up to speed not only on case law but also opposing counsel and parties in the case. With entity extraction from documents, legal teams can put together a game plan and play to the strengths, trends, and opportunities presented.

Highlights enables users to quickly validate any citation with Shepard’s Signal™ indicators to determine whether cited cases are good law neutral, or harmful to an argument. Additionally, the power of Highlights doesn’t end when the pleading is filed. Frequently, a judge asks for a copy of cases cited in a motion or brief. With Highlights, links to citations within a pleading are always at the attorney’s fingertips.

Highlights isn’t just for litigators either. The ability to identify companies within your documents makes due diligence for transactions a breeze. With a single click, you can access a wealth of LexisNexis data, including SEC filings, analyst reports from Gartner and Forrester, Dun & Bradstreet financial information, and news content from trusted sources like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, having the ability to leverage NetDocuments’ powerful search functionality using the six different extracted entity types in Highlights (Companies, Attorneys, Firms, Judges, Expert Witnesses, and Case Citations) bring powerful knowledge management capabilities to your firm. It’s quick to get detailed insights on opposing counsel, judges, and expert witnesses you might be going up against. Associates can use this entity information and the citations data shown within the context of your documents to quickly get up to speed on relevant case law, specific issues, or a matter you’re handling.

The ability to start and finish essential legal research tasks all from within NetDocuments is a first of its kind. Law firms that adopt this type of workflow solution increase productivity and save time. Highlights allows attorneys to focus on winning strategies, better serving clients, and securing future opportunities for the firm.
Come see how to up your research game with Highlights at the NetDocuments booth and try your hand on our roulette wheel!

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