WATCH | Automate to Accelerate: 5 Ways to Fast Track Your Firm’s Growth


Speakers: Joe Ruotolo and Pooya Abka at Intaker
Are you looking to achieve predictable growth for your law firm this year? Team Intaker will show you the 5 steps to fast track your growth with automation. Whether you practice personal injury, bankruptcy, family, criminal, employment or any other consumer facing practice, leveraging better automation in your practice will lead to more consistent results and less dollars wasted. We’ll have a special offer to share only for ABA members for this webinar as well.
You’ll learn how to:
1. Effectively track your sales and marketing performance
2. Outsource your low-value, high-energy tasks to automation
3. Onboard your staff to intelligently use your automation tools
4. Integrate your systems to eliminate manual data entry forever

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