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Author Spotlight: The Law Firm Client Service Interview Playbook

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Authors: Beth Cuzzone and Jill Zwetchkenbaum

What problem faced by lawyers does The Law Firm Client Service Interview Playbook solve/address?

To state it bluntly: The problem is that every law firm’s client is another law firm’s prospect.

Given the nature of the industry, lawyers and law firms are always in jeopardy of losing their clients, revenue, and profitability, and if your law firm isn’t asking clients important questions to address their satisfaction, vision, and needs, it becomes more vulnerable every day.

A client service interview is a particularly effective way to gain insight into how well your firm is creating a positive client experience and learn what your firm could do to make clients’ experience even better. Our book is an instruction manual intended to act as a resource to guide YOU through the creation and implementation of a client interview program at your law firm.

How is this book different than other books written on this topic?

While client service interviews are one of the most effective revenue and profitability growth opportunities for law firms (and there have been countless articles, forums, conversations, and conferences discussing the importance of client feedback interviews), no book has been published that actually tells people how to do it.

Our playbook bridges what we like to call the “knowing/doing gap.”

Together we have created a roadmap with 20 interdependent steps that will help a firm successfully launch a client interview program. We begin with the business case, and then dive into the processes and best practices around interview preparation, conducting interviews, and post-interview follow-up.

What do you think will surprise readers most about your book?

In just 100 short pages we’ve been able to provide an extremely detailed instruction manual that addresses not just the benefits, but also the nuances, realities, and challenges of conducting client interviews.

We get it. Not all feedback is positive. Not every step is simple. Not all attorneys immediately buy in. While these hills can be steep to climb, our book can help mitigate some of these potential obstacles by providing process maps, checklists, templates, talking points, sample reports, and visuals that can be easily adapted and utilized for your firm’s own program.

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