WATCH | Collect Client Payments via Text: Introducing LawPay + Texting


Speaker: McKay Allen, VP of Marketing at

Most law firms say they struggle getting paid quickly, regularly, and on-time. We all know how frustrating collecting payments can be. Clients ignore you, don’t answer your calls, and don’t respond to your emails. LawPay helps 73,000+ law firms deal with these problems every single day. And now with the new LawPay + Kenect texting integration, collecting payments will be easier than ever.

In this webinar we’ll reveal this new integration for the first time, and dig into the specifics of how it’ll work. This LawPay + Kenect partnership is going to change the legal world. This is your chance to learn why.

If you attend this webinar you’ll learn:

  1. How to use the LawPay + Kenect integration to get paid 85% faster
  2. Why you’ll see late payments disappear nearly 100% of the time
  3. The specifics about the groundbreaking integration and how it’ll work
  4. The security, speed and power of text-to-pay for your law firm

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