WATCH | The 2021 Year-end Accounting Checklist for Law Firms


Speaker: Erica Birstler, Vice President of Product Communication

The year-end rush, especially when it comes to getting caught up on office accounting, is something every lawyer knows all too well. However, despite the chaos that comes with waiting, many lawyers still put off many of their critical accounting tasks until the last minute. Getting a head start on your to-do list will help save you time and money! With proper planning, your accountant will be able to prepare accurate tax returns on a timely basis, with less need to meet with you to resolve questions. It also means that when you’re planning for the upcoming year or your next spot audit, you’re one step ahead — ready to produce the critical reports your business needs.

Join our upcoming webinar, “The 2021 Year-end Accounting Checklist for Law Firms,” to learn exactly what you (and your accountant) need to get started on your year-end accounting.

Learning Objectives

1. Law firm accounting overview

2. Review your year-end legal accounting checklist

3. How can technology help you plan and get ahead?

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