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How Law Firms Found New Ways to Grow During the Pandemic 

During the pandemic, our team at 4LegalLeads.com has seen incredible growth in law firms across the nation. It’s a tribute to their willingness to pivot and adapt to online strategies for growth.  

And fortunately, these online lead generation strategies will serve them well for years to come as they solve problems that existed long before the pandemic.

For many, the shift was a long time coming. Law firms as a whole have been hesitant to adopt online lead generation strategies over the years, tending to rely on more traditional methods of marketing. In 2020, the lack of ability to consult with potential clients in person forced attorneys to connect with them online.  

However, for most firms, adapting to online lead generation is easier said than done. 

  • Most firms are short on marketing resourcesABA’s 2020 Websites and Marketing TechReport showed that only 33% of firms with 10-49 lawyers had internal marketing staff.  
  • Even if they have them in place, online advertising and lead generation is a highly complex skill that most firms don’t have the time or bandwidth to master.  

Legal leads solve these issues for law firms. They transform the online marketing experience for attorneys and make it easier to succeed. Lead providers have the online advertising expertise needed to make sure that potential clients in a law firm’s region can find their practice. As that person searches for an attorney, the provider routes them to the law firm as a “legal lead” either online or live on the phone. 

As law firms outsource the task of sourcing online leads to the experts, their immediate goal is met. They fill their sales pipelines with leads. However, they also find there are wide-ranging, problem-solving benefits to working with an online lead generation firm.

Law Firms Save on Marketing Overhead by Purchasing Leads

By using legal lead providers, law firms avoid having to build an internal team to manage all of the advertising and systems needed to source the leads. They simply pay for the leads they receive, which costs a fraction of the budget needed to do the work on their own.  

Lead Providers Protect Law Firms from Costly Mistakes in Online Advertising

A skilled online lead generation firm helps attorneys avoid wasting money on underperforming ads or worse yet, ads that aren’t set up correctly. It’s far too easy to make costly mistakes in online advertising. The complicated platforms behind Google Ads and social media platforms are filled with ways to lose money fast, and most businesses who try to manage them on their own learn very difficult, expensive lessons along the way. The expertise lead providers bring to the table is invaluable. 

Legal Leads Make It Easy to Scale Your Law Firm’s Marketing Platform

As law firms see growth from legal lead generation, they discover another major benefit, the ability to scale their efforts quickly. Nationwide lead providers like 4LegalLeads.com have the massive infrastructure that allows law firms to scale instantly by simply raising their budgets and purchasing more leads. 

Online Lead Generation Opens New Pathways for Law Firm Growth

During the pandemic, law firms new to online lead generation discovered two powerful growth strategies using legal leads.  

  • First, law firms expanded their areas of practice. Legal lead providers offer leads in multiple categories of law. This empowers attorneys to add new areas of practice to their firms. And because they only pay-per-lead, they were able to test these expansions carefully before scaling their efforts.  
  • Second, law firms seized the opportunity to compete in new markets. Prior to COVID-19, many attorneys felt limited regionally by how far a client might drive to meet face-to-face. As video conferencing became the norm, attorneys took the opportunity to source legal leads from new counties and states.  

“After 20 years spent in online lead generation for the legal industry, 2020 was truly the most rewarding time I’ve spent in the business,” said Vince Wingerter, CEO and Founder of 4LegalLeads.com, which is a Premium Solution Provider for the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division. 

“At the end of the day, it’s both a combination of the advantages legal leads bring to the table and the creativity attorneys have shown in using them that’s fueled growth in a year when, outwardly, the legal industry seemed to slow down,” Wingerter said.  

How to Get Started with Online Lead Generation

4LegalLeads.com sets industry-leading standards with their commitment to providing Exclusive, Real-Time Legal Leads and Attorney-First policies such as a contract-free experience and a guaranteed, pro-rated account refund. They have established a business model where attorneys can try using legal leads in a safe environment where they are free to leave at any time.  

“It’s always been important to us that we bear the burden of earning people’s time, money, and trust. It’s incumbent on us to prove the quality of our service to the attorneys we serve,” says Wingerter.  

Attorneys wanting to create an account with 4LegalLeads can do so at 4LegalLeads.com/lawyers or by calling (844) 844-0480. There are no contracts, setup fees, or minimums. It just takes a minute, and our support team will help you complete your setup so you can start finding new clients online as soon as possible. 

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