Secure Remote Work and the Legal Field

Over the last year, meetings that were once exclusively held in courtrooms or law firms were suddenly happening in kitchens and home offices. The pandemic caused disruption to all industries—including legal—which threw traditional ways of doing business and engaging with clients out the window. Hard-wired desk phones were replaced with cloud telephony, and in-office firewalls and security protocols needed to be transformed for home WiFi. Many have found that with the right technology and a few best practices, working from home or a hybrid approach can help firms not only survive, but also thrive. Think of better work-life balance for lawyers working long hours, technology that easily tracks billable hours, and less time wasted on the commute.

So where do we go from here? Focus on these key areas to set your law firm up for success.

Cloud-First Digital Transformation

With only 58% of law firms using cloud-based technology, this is a critical first step towards maintaining business continuity, as well as supporting staff in-office, at home, or on the go. Time, money, and resources are freed up with secure virtual calls, meetings, and messages, all while automatically tracking billable hours. With the cloud, the possibilities about where and how you can work are almost endless.

Whether you are looking for a cloud telephony system like GoToConnect, or to secure your workforce’s data and passwords with a product like LastPass, LogMeIn was built in the cloud and we have you covered.

The Ability to Work from Anywhere

You need the cloud to access your data and collaboration technology wherever you are—on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. The pandemic has forever reshaped how we interact, and more and more clients want to meet virtually for first-time visits with attorneys. And if a VoIP solution provides integrated video conferencing, it also provides the ability to hold depositions, client interviews, trial prep with clients, virtual courtroom sessions, screen-sharing for document reviews, estate planning, and more. It’s important that your technology is easy to access, but also fits your existing workflow.

LogMeIn’s products integrate into essential legal tools:

  • GoToConnect’s Clio Integration: Track billable hours automatically and easily pull up client call notes for a more enriching conversation.
  • GoToConnect’s LawGro Integration: Capture every billable minute from communication tools and let MagicTime file your timesheet for you.
  • GoToConnect’s CallCabinet Integration: Record calls while ensuring compliance, analytics, and security for GoToConnect’s VOIP services.
  • GoToConnect’s Microsoft Teams Integrations: Make calls and access your phone system within your Microsoft Teams user interface.
  • LastPass Single Sign-On: Eliminate passwords with your integrated applications for billing, practice management, CRMs, and more.

Security Must Be a Top Priority

Remote work has increased security risk for many organizations, particularly phishing attempts targeting small and medium businesses. A law firm’s reputation is everything. You need to build trust with your clients to be successful. However, for many law firms, security measures are lacking, with only around one-third of firms using precautionary cybersecurity technology. While strict client/attorney confidentiality agreements make in-person meetings secure, the same needs to apply to virtual interactions, passwords, and data. Over 43% of cyberattacks are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and 29% of legal firms experienced a breach in 2020. Security is crucial and that starts with eliminating passwords where possible and strengthening those still in use.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with a password management and single sign-on (SSO) solution like LastPass. Designed with security first, LastPass puts you in control of your digital life—making it easy to keep you and your client’s critical information safe, secure, and easily accessible everywhere you work.

With a solution that combines SSO and password management, users have one portal that securely connects them to all the apps, websites, and resources they need to do their jobs, saving time and money by preventing a data breach and its associated consequences.

While many may be heading back to the office or a hybrid home and office work life, companies must adapt or get left behind. With the right technology to virtually collaborate while still staying secure and tracking billable hours, you will set your firm up for long-term flexible working success.

Learn more about how you can enable your organization today with GoToConnect and LastPass.

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