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Friday Roundup: Web Accessibility

Join us in reviewing some of Law Technology Today‘s top posts about digital and web accessibility!

1. “Five Things Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Digital Accessibility” by Lainey Feingold

“Digital accessibility is about making sure technology is available to the broadest range of users, including people with disabilities. In the legal context, this means thinking about disabled lawyers, witnesses, law office staff, and clients (including potential ones) every time you purchase technology and offer content.

And it means keeping up to date about accessibility developments impacting the clients you serve.

Have a website? Send email? Share documents? Sign contracts? Thinking about a firm mobile app? These are all points at which digital accessibility must be part of a lawyer’s conversation.”

2. “The Legal Universe of Internet Accessibility and What You Can Do About It” by William Goren

“One of the absolute hottest areas of ADA litigation is Internet accessibility for persons with disabilities. There are two questions.

First, whether the website has to be accessible at all?

Second, if it does have to be accessible, what are the legal standards?”

3. “Web and Computer Accessibility: An LTRC Roundtable

“Web and computer accessibility refers to the practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites and computer systems by people with disabilities. This month we asked members of the Legal Technology Resource Center to give some insight on best practices when it comes to web and computer accessibility.”

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