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Author Spotlight: Marc Lauritsen “The Lawyer’s Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools”

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Author: Marc Lauritsen

What is the main message of Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools?

Legal work can be done much more effectively, and doing that is good for both lawyers and clients!

Who is your book written for/ Who would get the most out of reading your book?

Present and future legal professionals who are open to working differently.

What inspired you to write this book?

A sense that the world could be better if things that I and others had been writing about were packaged in a more readily accessible form.

What experience, knowledge or special training helped you to write this book?

An unusually varied career as practicing lawyer, clinical teacher, academic administrator, research director, consultant, and software application developer.

What problem faced by lawyers does Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools solve/address?

How to get more useful legal work done with less wear & tear on yourself, your colleagues, and your clients.

How is this book different than other books written on this topic and/or what is new or different in this edition of the book?

This book focuses more on the why and the what of legal knowledge tools than the technical details or the momentary landscape of products and vendors.

What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?

Turning a bunch of disorganized thoughts and good intentions into something reasonably readable.

What do you think will surprise readers most about your book?

Legal tech mixes well with music, literature, and history.

What is the most important takeaway readers will get from Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools?

“I can do this!”

What advice would you give to others who want to write a book for the Law Practice Division?

Take your best estimate of the time it will take and triple it.

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