7 Juicy Marketing Tips ala ABA TECHSHOW

Gyi and Conrad kick off the episode with the latest news, homing in on Bob Ambrogi’s coverage of Clio’s Legal Trends for Solo Law Firms, with data showing how small firms using tech fared better during the pandemic.

And they rant about the 8-steps-to-great-abs trend hitting legal marketing. Dubbed as fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) marketing, Conrad and Gyi explain how not to fall for get-rich-quick schemes and impulse moves.

Instead, they advise focusing on approaches and best practices that stand the test of time. Where might one learn more about best practices and the latest trends?

Gyi, as it happens, is chair of the ABA Techshow’s 2021 marketing track. He pulled clips from five of the presenters, who shared highlights and key Techshow takeaways:

  • Ticora Davis takes on navigating and building business relationships in Clubhouse.
  • Meghan Boyd explores the bad and ugly of lawyer websites to explain how to attract clients.
  • Joy Hawkins debunks rankings myths and reveals online ad performance and the impact of Google’s newish local service ads.
  • George Psiharis covers key performance indicators for client-centered marketing.
  • Stephanie Everett outlines how to create a marketing blueprint.
  • Conrad and Gyi also lead programs, sharing how marketing agencies lie to their clients (Conrad) and the latest on client relationship management platforms and the hottest new marketing tools available (Gyi).

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