Top Eight Legal Podcasts You Should be listening

With so many legal podcasts on offer, covering a wide range of topics, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. From podcasts covering the latest legal technology developments, to law-practice management and marketing, as well as legal ethics, there is certain to be a podcast for you. Here are the top eight legal podcasts, if you’re not already, you should be listening to.

Legal Toolkit

Hosted by Jared Correia, the CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, Legal Toolkit has been around for the last 10 years and is ideal for any legal professional who’s looking to improve their law department management. The podcast is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about the programs, tools and services which other legal professionals are using to improve their practices. The podcast features interviews with top lawyers and professionals, as well as discussing the latest development in legal trends and tools.


For those who are looking for a legal technology podcast, LawNext is a great choice. Hosted by the publisher of LawSites, Bob Ambrogi, this weekly podcast contains interviews with entrepreneurs and professionals who are impacting upon the law industry. The podcast covers a variety of topics, including new technology products, blockchain and the changing future of law.

Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast is a weekly podcast is hosted by Aaron Street, Laura Briggs and Stephanie Everett.

“This podcast covers a wide variety of topics, including marketing, ethics and new business models. Each week, the hosts talk to leading lawyers and industry experts and discuss the realities behind running a successful business firm. It’s a great podcast for small firms who are looking to improve their practice,” says Paul Edwards, a law writer at Assignment Help and UKWritings.

The Gen Why Lawyer

The Gen Why Lawyer is a podcast aimed primarily at millennial lawyers. Hosted by Nicole Abboud, herself a part of Generation Y, the podcast seeks to directly address younger lawyers and to provide them with inspiration and an honest discussion of their careers as attorneys.

I Am The Law

I Am The Law is a legal podcast aimed specifically at law school students and lawyers in the very early stages of their careers. Through interviews with lawyers in a variety of fields, the podcast aims to provide emerging lawyers with as much useful and practical information as possible about the realities of the job.

“The podcast is fantastic for helping law students to better decide which area of law they might be most interested to practice in. The mini-series, Women in Law, which is aimed at promoting female empowerment and educating both men and women about the existing inequalities within the legal industry, is also well worth listening to,” says Patricia Dawson, an expert at Revieweal and State Of Writing.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

For those looking to stay updated with the latest current events in the legal industry, Lawyer 2 Lawyer is a podcast not to be missed. Running since 205, it’s hosted by defense lawyer J. Craig Williams and features many guests who are industry experts. The podcast continues to be one of the most popular and relevant legal podcasts around. It regularly features discussions on key, current topics from across courtrooms in the United States, including recent rulings and changing events in the legal industry.

Lawyers Gone Ethical

Hosted by Megan Zavieh, a state bar defense and ethics attorney, Lawyers Gone Ethical is a weekly podcast on the constant evolution of legal ethics. The podcast addresses issues such as understanding the most recent interpretations of ethics rules, as well as the ethics of data security, social media and marketing.

New Solo

New Solo, hosted by law practice consultant and legal technology coach Adriana Linares, is the ideal podcast for any law professional who’s seeking to go solo or to develop and improve their solo practice. With new episodes each month, Linares and her guests provide insightful advice and discussions on law-practice management, the most useful legal technologies available, networking and legal entrepreneurship.


Whether you’re looking to keep up to date with the latest legal trends, improve the running of your law firm or get advice from industry experts, these eight podcasts are a great place to begin. Discover a new podcast and expand your legal knowledge.

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